Quiqueg NFTs

The challenge when choosing a gift is to find one that is “non-fungible”: a “thing”, according to the Treccani dictionary, “that cannot be used as a substitute for another”.

For the 2021 Christmas presents, we at Quiqueg believe to have solved this problem brilliantly.

We have created a gift for our friends and customers that is exclusive to them…and will be able to unequivocally prove that they have.

A Quiqueg NFT.

…as in?

A “Non Fungible Token” is a certificate of ownership on digital works registered on blockchain.
And, as you know, Quiqueg (the agency) is named after Quiqueg, the Polynesian prince and faithful friend of Ishmael, the protagonist of Moby Dick.

A Quiqueg NFT is therefore a quote from Melville’s novel about Quiqueg, carefully chosen and lovingly formatted with an illustrated letterhead, and finally encrypted on a blockchain.