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  1. Quiqueg is a fictional character in H. Melville’ novel Moby-Dick. Quiqueg is a cannibal giant, fully covered in tattoos, but he is also a prince with a gentle soul who left his throne back in Polinesia to see the world. Aboard the Pequod, the ship that hunts the While Whale, Quiqueg is head of the harpooners.


“[…] but, the truth is, these savages have an innate sense of delicacy, say what you will; it is marvellous how essentially polite they are.

  1. Quiqueg is an integrated creative agency: we design and produce advertising, institutional communication and graphic design projects. We work together with a Trees Home – a video/photo production company that shares our passion for projects made with flair and care – and with freelancers from the creative sector who inhabit our coworking space in Milan.

Before establishing Quiqueg we were all part of Le Balene, an historic Milanese communication boutique.

Who is Quiqueg

Marco Andolfato

Client director & partner

Graduated in Theoretical Physics, he then slightly wandered, working for 10 years in multinational corporations’ marketing and sales. He established Quiqueg after managing the advertising agency Le Balene for fifteen years. He practices meditation daily, and he benefits a lot from it.

Irene Bruni

Account manager & partner

Even though she studied as an interpreter, today she has a voice in the dialogue between creatives and clients. In her spare time, she enjoys taking part in empowerment and networking activities.

Elisa Villa

Art Director

She works as an art director but lives as an illustrator: drawing on paper, tablet and walls is her own way to think about herself and the world.

Carlotta Schoen


She zipped up gowns in Seyðisfjörður and counted pixels in Shanghai. She writes simpler than her last name.

Eleonora Petrolati

Graphic Designer

Constantly on a mission to do beautiful things. She loves leafing through pages and petting papers, she is also fond of calligraphy and amateur photographer.

Where is Quiqueg

If you want to work with us, collaborate or organize an event: